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In the Excellage Clinic, we work on a procedure that complements the shape of the body and brings it to the highest levels of beauty, which is what many people seek and do not find integrated treatment in one place, but we at Excellage 360 work to give our clients this opportunity.

It is a set of procedures that plastic surgeons work on alike, and it in turn includes all the procedures necessary for the person to reach the expected result and the goal set for the shape of the body, and it is an integrated treatment available within our specialized clinics.

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Know More about the treatment

The procedures are within the clinic’s plastic surgery specialties:

It works to get rid of fat and excess skin. Surgical procedures include tummy tuck, face lift, breast lift, and double chin surgery.

(abdomen – butt – buttocks – face)

Bariatric surgery

It helps in liposuction using lasers supported by ultrasound, which can penetrate the deep layers of fat and work to dismantle it.

(Forehead lift – Eyebrow lift – Opening the corner of the eye)

(Enlargement – Reduction – Lifting and Tightening)

A facelift can help get rid of a double chin by tightening the skin around the jawline.

Rhinoplasty greatly reflects on the aesthetic aspect of the face, enhances the person’s self-esteem.

Aar plastic surgery works to change the abnormal shape of the ears, change their position or size, or improve their appearance due to a congenital defect.

Can I choose and do treatment?

At Excellage Clinic, we work to take our patients’ options into consideration, but we work to give them integrated advice in the fields of surgery, plastic surgery, health, nutritional and cosmetic systems, and thus works to develop a treatment plan that helps achieve their expectations in the best way possible.

Are all surgical procedures performed in one stage?

Of course not! Surgical procedures need long-term study and follow-up and choosing the appropriate decision within the appropriate time period, especially in procedures that affect the skin, especially facial skin, or body lift, as weight stability is one of the important elements before performing anybody lift procedure.

Who are the candidates for the Excellage Clinic 360 procedure?

All people can undergo radical changes in the event of desire and need, but people who seek more radical changes such as gastric bypass operations and subsequent cosmetic, skin, psychological and nutritional changes are the people who are strong candidates for these procedures and need to do more than one procedure cosmetic at the same time.

Are surgical options always the only solution for tightening and contouring operations?

Of course not, the doctors at the Excellage Clinic decide what is the best and optimal procedure to do, as there are some procedures such as meso injections to get rid of the double chin or threads instead of the need for a surgical facelift, and a number of other procedures, which are chosen by the doctors by degree, possibility and preliminary results.

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