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Tattoo Removal

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Many people may need to get rid of tattoos that have previously been drawn on any part of their body, and many of them try to remove this tattoo permanently, either with the aim of changing it or removing it permanently, and these procedures that we do in Excellage Clinic include either laser tattoo removal Dubai or surgical removal

Risks of tattoo removal

  • Scars may occur from some tattoo removal Dubai procedures
  • Possible infection
  • Change in skin color

Post-tattoo removal

It is preferable that cold compresses be placed on the treated area, and an anti-inflammatory cream should be applied to it for a period of more than a week, while care must be taken not to expose it to the sun and to use sunscreens when going out.

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Tattoo Removal Methods

Laser tattoo removal

A Q-switched laser devicein Excellage Clinic is used – with one strong pulse, and while it may need to put a local anesthetic on the area that will be hit by the laser before the procedure, a special type of device is also used to avoid a change in skin color and skin pigmentation.

The laser strikes are fired directly at the skin, where it breaks up the tattoo if it is of one color. As for multi-colored tattoos, they may need different wavelengths. This procedure may result in redness or swelling, but anti-inflammatory creams may help speed up healing.

Surgical Excision

Surgical removal of tattoos with large areas cannot be done, while small tattoos can be removed under local anesthetized, and the tattoo is removed by cut the edges of the skin sutured, and Re-sew the edges of the wound together, and this procedure is only done in small tattoos to avoid large scars in the future, and it is important to apply an antibacterial ointment to enhance Healing the wound and preventing inflammation.

Skin Abrasion

They anesthetize the skin using cooling, after which the skin is abraded using a high-speed rotating device that contains a wheel and an abrasive brush. There is no doubt that this procedure may be annoying for the following days, except that it recovers within two to three weeks, but it is considered less effective than laser.


It is assumed that the tattoo will be completely removed, while the removal may be partial, and the result will increase with the multiplicity of sessions, or it may give after scarring or a slight change in the color of the skin.

The tattoo removal Dubai process may take many months to reach two years!

This duration depends on the type of ink used in the tattoo, the type of treatment, and the response to treatment.

While most patients in Excellage Clinic do not need anesthesia for a non-surgical tattoo removal session, it may be associated with some discomfort or pain and so local anesthesia is used.

Previously, it was difficult to get rid of light-colored tattoos, but after the development of lasers and the techniques used in Excellage Clinic, it became easier to obtain different wavelengths of lasers that get rid of different colors of ink at different depths.



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