Laser Hair Removal : Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair in Dubai
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Laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal

Many women and men, even around the world, seek to get rid of excess hair in the body for long periods, and many resort to various procedures with temporary results, but the world of cosmetics has developed a lot to include procedures that help get rid of excess hair for a long time or even forever.

At Excellage Clinic, we work to provide various types of laser devices that help remove hair and get rid of it, as laser beams release rays that target hair melanin only, and some devices slow down hair growth, while other devices completely kill the hair bulb.

Factors affecting laser hair removal

Hair color varies from one place to another, just as the thickness of the hair varies from one place to another in the body, and hormones work to change the thickness of the hair in the areas that affect it, so the body’s response to laser hair removal differs, in terms of hair color, skin color, treatment area, device type Laser, skin thickness, and number of sessions.

Risks of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is relatively safe, especially if the session is done by a skin and laser specialist. However, some factors may play a role in the body’s response to laser, in addition to some possible side effects:

  • The skin around the hair can be damaged if there is less contrast between the skin of the body and the hair.
  •  The use of a high amount of radiation may cause damage to the surrounding skin or burning.
  • You should avoid treating the area that contains tattoos as the skin cells will
    absorb the laser rays. And it burns
  • The response of blonde or gray hair to the laser is weak or non-existent.

Things to consider when doing laser hair removal

At Excellage Clinic, we seek to educate all patients about the most important
instructions that must be followed before, during and after the laser session, because many instructions must be taken into account when conducting laser sessions, including:

  • Skin irritation is likely to occur after the session, so moisturizers and Panthenol
    can be used.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun, and apply sunblock in the areas that are exposed tothe laser.
  • In the event of any skin problems, which are often superficial, they are treated
    with conditioners that contain honey.
laser hair removal

Types of laser sessions

Lasers can be applied to different areas of the body, and the types of lasers used vary
according to the area:

Laser – full face

  • Laser – Chest
  • Laser – back
  • Laser – abdomen
  • Laser – full body with back and abdomen
  • Body laser without back and abdomen

Laser – Beard

  • Laser – full face
  • Laser – Beard
  • Laser – armpit
  • Laser – full body with back and abdomen
  • Body laser without back and abdomen

Laser – Half Leg

  • Laser – half leg
  • Laser – half legs
  • Laser – full legs

Laser – Armpit

  • Laser – armpit
  • Laser – bikini
  • Laser – bikini lines

Laser – Half Arm

  • Laser – armpit
  • Laser – the entire arm
  • Laser – half arm
  • Laser – half arms
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Here are some questions and answers that will help you know

How many sessions does a person need to get rid of hair?

The number of sessions varies from one hair color to another, while most areas need between 8 to 12 sessions, and depending on the region’s response to treatment, the treatment may be repeated within four to eight weeks, in areas of slow hair growth, such as the back, the treatment may be every 12 to 16 weeks.


What are the recommendations after the sessions?

• Avoid blood thinners and anti-inflammatory drugs
• Avoid waxing 4 weeks before treatment
• Shave the hair superficially before performing the laser session
• Always apply sunblock


When will the results of laser hair removal appear?

Hair needs about 10 to 15 days to fall out, and the effect of the session lasts from one month to a month and a half, and the results of the sessions increase and the distance between them increases with the progression of the number of sessions, and the hair may be completely removed, or it needs annual retouching sessions.




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