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Cellulite Massage Dubai : The problem of cellulite is one of the most prominent problems that millions of women suffer from around the world. It is an accumulation of fat, which accumulation under the skin, and that what gives an irregular appearance known as an “orange peel Cellulite most often occurs on the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

Causes of cellulite accumulation

  • Loss of collagen and poor lymphatic drainage
  • Advance age
  • heredity
  • Estrogen
  • Poor circulation in the legs

Ways to get rid of cellulite

  • Aerobic exercise and sport
  • healthy diet
  • Massages to get rid of cellulite
مساج التخلص من السيلوليت

Cellulite massage tools

There are some tools that help to perform a massage to get rid of cellulite.

  • Foam rollers

Foam rollers massage areas where cellulite collects, but there are no studies on their effectiveness.

  • Handheld massagers

It enhances massage without squeezing hands.

  • Endermologie (also known as deep tissue massage)

It is the only device approved by the World Food and Health Organization (FDA)

endromology stimulates sluggish cells using roller and pulsation technology, which helps transfer fat and reduce cellulite.

Which in turn activates blood and lymph circulation

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Types of cellulite massages

Inside the clinic:

A massage session can be done by a specialist in this field.


There are two types of devices (home – within the clinic) through which you can work on getting rid of cellulite.

At Home

The person performs a massage of the areas that contain cellulite by himself.

Rules for conducting a cellulite massage:


Rule 1

A little force should be used during the cellulite massage procedure as it is important to reach the deep fat cells.

Rule 2

The direction of the massage should be against gravity and in the direction of the heart, i.e., from bottom to top.

Rule 3

It is possible to use some cosmetics and anti-cellulite products, and by using a serum or balm that enhances the massage process.


There is no procedure yet can get rid of cellulite permanently, but most of the procedures are greatly mitigated and help to improve the appearance by up to 80-90%.

The data shows that massage using the Endermologie device gives acceptable results from the first time, but repeating the sessions once a month helps to maintain the result for a longer period.

A bad diet is part of the causes of cellulite, so improving the diet is important in getting rid of cellulite, and there are some supplements that help get rid of cellulite.

No, peeling does not affect cellulite, but doing a cellulite massage helps to exfoliate the skin.

Home massage is one of the important procedures in the process of getting rid of cellulite, but it does not replace specialized sessions that provide deep massage and access to deep fat cells.




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