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Lymphatic drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage Massage

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When the lymph fluid collects in a specific place, it forms what we called as lymphedema, and this occurs due to a defect in the lymphatic drainage Massage or a blockage in it, and this is why it is called lymphatic drainage (lymphatic massage), which helps to drain the lymph better, relieves edema, and reduces swelling.

Benefits of lymphatic massage

  • Relieves edema in the body and helps remove congestion
  • Helps re-drainage of lymph through the channels
  • Relieves pain associated with lymphedema
  • Improves the flow of blood and lymph, which increases the feeling of comfort, Vitality, and Activity
Lymphatic drainage Massage

Methods of performing lymphatic massage

  • Massage
  • Compression garments
  • Exercises
  • Skin massage
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Types of lymphatic massage:


Lymphatic drainage is performed by a qualified professional or therapist.


 It is a set of techniques that anyone can use at home.

How is lymphatic massage performed?

A specific sequence of movements is used, which is performed by a trained specialist, including stretching, pressure, sliding, etc., as these sequential movements stimulate lymphatic drainage and movement of lymph within the ducts, tissues, and lymph nodes, which ensures that it is not trapped anywhere and helps to get rid of Lymphedema.

Lymphatic drainage results

Lymphatic drainage (lymphatic massage) helps to get rid of lymphedema in various parts of the body (face – eyes – limbs – underarms) and other places and remove swelling from them. Especially significantly after re-circulation of blood and lymph.


  1. Cellulitis
  2. Heart failure (moderate to severe)
  3. Insufficiency of the veins in the lower extremities
  4. Patients with high blood pressure
  5. Diabetics with complications
  6. Paralyzed patients may need additional monitoring if they receive lymphatic drainage (lymphatic massage).

Allocate a specific period for each case separately, but in general, getting lymphatic drainage (lymphatic massage) once a month may be beneficial in many cases.

Daily self or home massage is also recommended by learning the most important exercises and home methods.

When lymphatic drainage (lymphatic massage) is done by an expert, it is supposed to be painless, or there will be some mild discomfort that soon goes away after the session.

Consult a doctor if there is severe pain or redness.

Of course, lymphatic massage is one of the simple solutions that people who suffer from the problem of puffiness under the eyes can do, but it needs high continuity for results to appear.




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