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Vitamins Screening

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Vitamins are important nutrients for the body, which the body cannot manufacture, but rather obtain through food or what is called from external sources. Therefore, they are subject to deficiency or increase according to the amount in which vitamins are consumed or exposed to.

The deficiency of some vitamins is associated with a number of physical diseases, which are corrected after taking the appropriate or required amount of vitamin, for example, vitamin D deficiency is associated with osteoporosis, and vitamin A deficiency has a role in premature skin aging, so it is necessary to measure the level of vitamins in the body through nutritional and vitamin checks.

Pathological signs of vitamin deficiency

We work at the Excellage Clinic to secure all types of laboratories analyzes that measure the total number of vitamins in the body under what is called nutritional and vitamin examinations, as the symptoms of vitamin deficiency include:

  • Split hair and nails
  • Mouth ulcers or cracks in the corners of the mouth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Poor night vision
  • Scaly patches on the skin or dandruff
  • Hair loss
  • Red or white bumps on the skin
  • Restless leg syndrome

Types of nutritional examinations and vitamins

  • Vitamin D test
  • Calcium test
  • copper test
  • Electrolytes test
  • Testing for the presence and amount of fat in the stool
  • Ferritin test
  • Folic acid test
  • Food allergy test
  • Homocysteine ​​test
  • Testing the percentage of iron in the body
  • Magnesium lactose tolerance tests
  • Phosphorus test
  • Potassium test
  • Albumin intake test
  • Vitamin A test
  • Vitamin B test
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D tests
  • Vitamin K
Can vitamin D deficiency be detected?

Some symptoms can reveal a vitamin D deficiency, but tests also help to accurately detect the level of vitamin D in the body, and whether it is low in the body.

What does the vitamin B12 test measure?

In the beginning, we must know that vitamin B12 deficiency causes a deficiency in the three blood elements, because it is involved in the manufacture of red and white blood cells and even platelets, and it may also cause chronic neurological symptoms, so the vitamin B12 measurement test helps to detect its true level in the blood.

What are the sources of vitamin B12?

The body cannot manufacture vitamin B12 at all, and depends on it from external sources, which are only found in red meat or fish, and this explains its low level among vegetarians!!

There are some health conditions that reduce the absorption of the body, such as the use of certain medications, or advanced age.

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