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Thigh lift

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Thigh lift

After the spread of stomach cuts and other operations that seek to lose weight, many people after losing weight suffer from significant sagging of the skin in a number of areas, especially in the thighs, as the thigh lift operation works to get rid of sagging skin in this area for a more consistent appearance.


It is a plastic surgery that works to get rid of sagging skin in the skin of the thighs, especially that accumulated after a significant weight loss, where the surgeons at the Excellage Clinic make a surgical incision, work on liposuction, cut the excess skin, and re-sew the skin after this procedure to get the final result.

Candidates for thigh lift surgery

We at the Excellage Clinic advise some people and not others to undergo a thigh lift surgery, as some people may suffer from important signs that make them candidates for a thigh lift surgery, including:

  • Excessive accumulation of cellulite in the thighs and the appearance of lumps on the thighs
  • The appearance of sagging skin clearly after losing a lot of weight
  • People who do not suffer from chronic diseases
  • People who have desire with reasonable expectations of possible outcomes
  • People who have not benefited from sports in restoring a harmonious body shape.
  • People who have shown stability in weight for at least a year after undergoing bariatric surgery


Stages of a thigh lift operation

In the beginning, the surgeon may place a number of lines and draw the contours of the surgeon’s work, and some pictures may also be taken.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia, so it has to be done in a medical facility.

The type of incision that the surgeon will make varies according to the size and location of the sagging.

The surgeon removes the accumulated fat, cuts the excess skin, and re-sutures the edges of the wound with cosmetic sutures.


What are the types of skin incisions?

In Excellage Clinic, the surgeon works on choosing the type of surgical incisions according to the initial condition of the patient’s fat and sagging, as there is an incision that may extend around the buttocks down to the knee, or it may be made around the hip, or around the back, and this depends on the surgeon’s vision of the best and appropriate result.

What is the duration required for a thigh lift procedure?

In the Excellage Clinic, this type of operation that requires accuracy and consistency in work, cuts, and sutures takes to obtain a satisfactory and symmetrical result for the patient as well. This procedure may take approximately two hours under general anesthesia.

Where exactly are the scars located in a thigh lift surgery?

Thigh lift repairs small, sagging thighs in the upper and inner thighs.

An inner thigh lift lifts the inner part of the thigh and requires an incision that begins in the thigh and extends around the back of the thigh below the buttocks.

An outer thigh lift targets excess fat and skin near the waist and buttocks. The incision starts at the top of the thigh and goes around the hip.

A spiral thigh lift sculpts the thigh through an incision from the buttocks to the thigh to target multiple areas of the thigh, including the front, back, inner and outer thigh.

Can other plastic surgeries be performed at the same time as a thigh lift?

You can choose to have more than one cosmetic procedure at a time, and it’s common for people to undergo a butt lift or lower body lift while having a thigh lift.

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