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Surgical Face Lift

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Face Lift

The face-lift has become very famous all over the world in recent times, especially after a large number of artists declared that they underwent it, and it has tremendous effects on getting rid of wrinkles and appearing in a more youthful appearance for years!!

This influenced public opinion and encouraged many people around the world, men and women, to undergo it.


It is a surgical procedure that works to tighten the skin on both sides of the face while removing excess skin or fat accumulated under the skin of the skin. It also works to get rid of various places of wrinkles and improves their appearance significantly, but without getting rid of them completely, which allows obtaining years younger skin and results that last for long periods.

Benefits of a facelift

At Excellage Clinic, we recommend performing a face-lift to treat a number of skin problems, especially those related to sagging skin and signs of aging in people. Here, we will mention a number of benefits of a face lift:

  • The appearance of sagging marks on the cheeks (cheeks)
  • Presence of sagging or excess skin in the lower jaw area
  • Helping to tighten the skin around the mouth and sides of the nose

However, we also at Excellage Clinic emphasize an important concept related to wrinkles, as skin tightening treats many skin problems, except for some problems related to skin structure such as pigmentation due to the sun or deep wrinkles, which require different treatments.


What are the risks involved in a facelift?

A facelift can cause a number of short-term or long-term risks, and although side effects are rare at the hands of the skilled specialists at the Excellage Clinic, we will mention some potential risks:

  • Subcutaneous hematoma: It forms within 24 hours of surgery, and treatment should be immediate for this condition.
  • Scarring: The scars from the surgical incisions are permanent and often hidden in the hair and behind the ear, so they are rare.
  • Nerve injury: This injury can affect the nerves that control sensation, muscles, and movement.
  • Hair loss: You may experience temporary or permanent hair loss near the incision sites.
  • Skin loss: In rare cases, a facelift can cut off the blood supply to facial tissues, which can lead to skin loss.
What are the medications that must be stopped before surgery?

Doctors at the Excellage Clinic recommend stopping certain medications before surgery. These medications include blood thinners, aspirin, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

What type of anesthesia is used?

Sometimes a facelift may be performed under local anesthesia, but doctors sometimes, depending on the case, may need general anesthesia.

How long do the results of a facelift last?

Many cases showed results for the equivalent of 10 years, and some cases lasted longer.

Face Lift

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Face Lift

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