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Skin Booster

Details of the treatment

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Skin Booster Injections in Dubai
Skin Booster Injections in Dubai

Embrace Your Unique Glow

Skin booster injections are a revolution in the world of renewed cosmetics, which work to enhance skin freshness, increase skin smoothness, and reduce the appearance of signs of aging. Through these injections, they work to enhance and stimulate skin regeneration and freshness, and restore skin youth again!!. Also, their effects are prolonged; they keep the skin hydrated and stimulates collagen production which improves the skin texture in the long run. These are a part of a larger group of procedures that are generally called skin rejuvenation treatments
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Skin Booster Injections Dubai
Skin Booster Injections Dubai

Be Bold, Be Beautiful

Skin booster injections enhance the skin's freshness by stimulating the skin cells themselves to regenerate, by injecting a specialized group of hyaluronic acid microdroplet HA under the skin, and thus, no additional substance is injected into the skin such as fillers or Botox, but rather self-renewal without No side effects. These injections are considered part of youthful skin treatments, aiming to restore and maintain a youthful appearance

Feel Your Best

Advantages of Skin Booster Injection

Skin enhancer shots provide a plethora of advantages for those desiring to attain a revitalized and younger-looking skin. Below are the principal benefits of engaging in this cutting-edge aesthetic method:

Diminishes the visibility of small lines and creases.
Boosts the resilience and tightness of the skin.
Levels out the skin complexion and lowers discoloration.
Improves the overall health and energy of the skin.
A non-intrusive technique causing slight discomfort.
Elevates confidence through a more youthful look.
Tailor-made treatment schemes for individualized outcomes.
Achieves a youthful radiance without undergoing surgery.
Proven safe and efficient across different skin types and issues.

Feel Your Best

Treatment Details

Skin booster injection uses

In Excellage Clinic, these needles are injected for a number of reasons, and they gave great results to solve many skin problems, which made people very satisfied after trying them. We mention some of the skin problems that it works to solve:

  • Getting rid of sagging skin and signs of aging in the neck
  • Stimulating the elimination of thinning of the skin around the eyes and the appearance of puffiness and circles.
  • Treatment of wrinkles and pigmentation that result from exposure to the sun.
  • Getting rid of wrinkles around the eye
  • Improve the appearance of skin pigmentation
Reveal Your Beauty Secrets

Here are some questions and answers that will help you know

How do skin booster injections differ from filler injections?

Both injections work to achieve a more youthful complexion, but filler injections fill in the voids in the skin to give a fuller appearance and definition to a number of areas such as the cheeks, but skin booster injections interfere with the basic skin cells and increase skin moisture and improve basic skin quality without extras.


How long does it take for skin booster injection results to appear?

 Certainly, injecting any product that affects skin cells takes some time for its results to appear on the skin, so skin boosters in Dubai may not show results immediately, on the contrary, it may take approximately 2 to 4 weeks to start noticing results on the skin.


How are skin boosters injected?

While prescribed injection patterns and schedules vary from one product to another, the unifying feature of skin enhancers is superficial micro-droplet delivery — meaning that injections are in which small amounts of HA are placed throughout the dermis, below the surface of the skin, and are usually administered with a needle. Dedicated ensures accurate dosing and depth.

Primarily injected into the cheeks, lower face, upper lip lines, as well as the neck, chest, and sometimes the backs of the hands.


What are the risks and side effects of using skin boosters treatment?

At the Excellage Clinic we work out all possible side effects of skin booster injections, which may include injection site redness, swelling, bruise-like spots, and pinpoint bruising – most of which subside within a day or two.

However, the treatment by injecting skin enhancers requires pricking of many places in the skin, as it may take longer than expected for these marks to disappear on the skin, as they are sometimes difficult to hide.

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