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Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, but for special cases, related to disturbing formal appearances for a number of patients, but in a small percentage, as ear plastic surgery works to change the abnormal shape of the ears, change their position or size, or improve their appearance due to a congenital defect.

Otoplasty surgery seeks to reduce the distance between the head and the ear, as it may be disturbingly prominent in some people, and it may also help to raise or lower the location of the ears that suffer from a certain deformity, and thus the indication for aesthetic surgery is of medical and psychological importance.

Otoplasty Risks

At Excellage Clinic, we work to educate all patients about the potential risks, as some risks include, as with all surgeries, some Bleeding or infection, or sensitivity to anesthetics, while some other risks regarding otoplasty may include:

  • Permanent scarring, often behind the ear and not very visible.
  • Asymmetry in the position of the ears, due to the inexperience of the surgeon, or some of the problems that accompany the recovery process.
  • It may be accompanied by changes in the sensitivity of the skin around the area, and these changes are rarely permanent.
  • An allergic reaction to the materials used during or after the procedure.
  • Excessive correction of the ears, where the ears give unnatural features.

Prepare for surgery

Doctors at the Excellage Clinic discuss medical and family history, previous diseases or known possible allergies, all medications currently or previously taken, as well as any previous operations. It is also important that expectations and potential options are discussed.


What are the medications that must be stopped before otoplasty?

All medications must be discussed, as it is important that anti-inflammatory or antibiotics be stopped before surgery to avoid bleeding after ear surgery, and herbal medicines that also dilute the blood excessively can be stopped.

What are the recommendations after surgery?

Discomfort, itching, and a little pain are normal after surgery, so you should avoid sleeping on the surgical side, in addition to not rubbing or pressing the incisions vigorously, especially when wearing clothes.

When will the results of the surgery appear?

The results of the ear plastic surgeon appear immediately after removing the bandages, and this is the best thing about surgery, as the results are immediate and do not need to wait for improvement or change, except in the event of some rare complications.

What are the most serious possible complications of otoplasty?

Hematoma formation may be the most worrying thing in otoplasty, so it is necessary to pay attention to the existence of a previous dilution, as tumor formation can lead to hematoma formation of cartilage and skin necrosis.


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