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Non-drug Acne Treatment

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Details of the treatment

The problem of acne is one of the most common skin problems around the world, and
the degree of vulnerability and scarring varies between people.

Acne Treatment
Acne Treatment
Acne Treatment
Non-drug treatment

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Acne can greatly affect a person’s psyche, not just the skin, which contributed to raising the search for various types of pharmacological and non-drug treatments for acne, with the aim of obtaining bright, clear skin free of pimples and scars.
Pharmaceutical treatment can help in the effective treatment of acne and acne scars, but there are many non-drug treatments that work to get rid of acne scars and effects on the skin away from antibiotics or oral medications.
Use acne-friendly products
Use acne-friendly products
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Common active ingredients found in acne skin care products include salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and topical retinoids. All of these ingredients fight different causes of acne, while benzoyl peroxide reduces acne-causing bacteria, and salicylic acid reduces inflammation and unclogs pores.
Retinoids also unclog pores and reduce sebum.
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Treatment Details

Non-drug treatments for acne

At Excellage Clinic, we use a number of non-drug treatments in the treatment of acne, including:

Photodynamic phototherapy:

Photodynamic therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses multiple phototherapy sessions in conjunction with a photosensitizing agent – an inactive drug that only activates when exposed to UV light or sunlight. The drug used in the treatment activates when exposed to UV light, and can help treat Acne and other skin diseases.


It is a robotic micro-needling procedure that can help reduce acne scars.


It is a 30-minute microdermabrasion treatment designed to treat various skin conditions, including acne. The procedure is performed in two phases. The first phase involves exfoliating clogged pores and dead skin using a vacuum cleaner with a bristle tip. The second phase involves infusion of medicated solutions such as AHA and BHA to help regulate oil production, help kill bacteria and soothe inflammation.

Acne Treatment
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Here are some questions and answers that will help you know

Can chemical peels be considered a non-drug treatment for acne?

Yes, it is a skin resurfacing procedure that removes the upper layers of the skin, leaving the skin rejuvenated, smoother and younger.

Does the laser have a role in the non-drug treatment of acne?

Vascular laser therapy sends pulsed laser energy into blood vessels or pigmented areas and can help treat acne scars and other skin conditions or lesions.

How is the right treatment for acne chosen?

In Excellage Clinic, doctors work to choose the appropriate non-drug treatment according to the condition and its degree, which in turn helps to get rid of the effects of widespread acne, and prevents further exacerbation.

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