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Mole removal

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What is Mole removal?
What is Mole removal?
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Moles are sometimes considered an aspect of beauty, but at other times a person may want to remove them for aesthetic purposes or according to personal preference, and many cases were reported in the Excellage Clinic in which moles are removed if they change in shape or size.
Mole removal
Mole removal
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A mole is an increased pigmentation of a site in melanin in which the superficial and deep layers of the skin are affected. Therefore, medical intervention by plastic and dermatologists at the Excellage Clinic is required to remove moles with the least side effects.
In the cosmetic world, there are many treatment options for mole removal, both surgical and non-surgical, and this depends on the area, location, depth of the mole, and even the presence of a change in its shape or size, as the options range from laser or peeling to excisional surgery.
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Treatment Details

Therapeutic mole removal

Doctors may recommend removing the mole not only for cosmetic reasons, but for therapeutic reasons, and while most of the moles are healthy, a change in the shape and size of the mole, or the presence of a recent inflammatory appearance may indicate a possible new emergence, so the mole is surgically removed with intact edges, and examined Histopathology by experts.


Cosmetic mole removal

Some people may seek to remove moles in some areas of the body for aesthetic reasons, and according to personal desire, as the mole is accompanied by a darker color than the rest of the skin, as it can cause inconvenience to some people, especially those that are high above the surface of the skin.


Mole removal methods

There are many treatment options at the Excellage Clinic for mole removal, as the mole can be removed by laser, electric current or liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy), but the best methods remain through surgical excision, or excision by shaving.

Surgical removal requires local anesthesia, and there is suturing of the wound after removal. As for excision by shaving, it is the removal of part of the mole for the purpose of study, especially in atypical moles. As for the other therapeutic options, they are all done under local anesthesia, but they may be associated with Possibility of recurrence of the mole.

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Here are some questions and answers that will help you know

What are the risks or complications of mole removal?

The procedures used to remove moles of all kinds may be associated with the possibility of complications or side effects. At Excellage Clinic, we work to educate the patient about all treatment options and potential risks of the procedure, including:

  • Possibility of bleeding
  • Possibility of scarring
  • Inflammatory infection
  • Nerve injury
  • Reconfiguration again

What is the expected recovery time after mole removal?

The time required for healing after mole removal varies according to the type of procedure (surgical – non-surgical), but most cases of recovery need about two to three weeks, and the doctor’s instructions must be taken into account in caring for the area, and applying anti-bacterial creams to avoid skin infection.

What are the symptoms that require mole removal and examination?

  • When the mole becomes painful or itchy
  • If it becomes secreted fluids or bleeding
  • If there is new growth and change in size
  • If the edges become irregular
  • If it appeared after the age of 30 years

Can I remove the mole myself?

Don’t Attempt to Remove Moles Yourself Although you can buy products marketed as mole removal pens or lasers — or you might be tempted to try shaving or cutting the mole yourself — you shouldn’t do this for several important reasons.



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