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Liposuction (Body Contouring)

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Liposuction (Body Contouring)

Body sculpting removes fat in some areas and tightens the surrounding skin to obtain an ideal body texture, so many people may resort to it, even those who do not suffer from excessive obesity, but seek to obtain a more beautiful and better sculpted figure.

Although body sculpting is a surgical procedure that requires a relatively long recovery period, its results are guaranteed and long-term, as it works to get rid of excess skin and body shower, in addition to getting rid of excess fat in some areas, and reshaping the area to get a better look. possible image of the body.

Types of body sculpting

Non-surgical body contouring

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A number of techniques include methods of stimulating lipolysis in specific areas using cryolipolysis or by injecting deoxycholic into the body to target fat cells in the right location, in addition to laser or radiofrequency lipolysis, ultrasound and heat.

Surgical body contouring

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It works to get rid of fat and excess skin. Surgical procedures include tummy tuck, face lift, breast lift, and double chin surgery.


What happens during surgery?

At Excellage Clinic, we discuss all the details of the surgical procedure and take all previous medical information, including medications, previous surgeries, and family and medical histories, in addition to discussing the expected results of the surgical procedure.

The doctor works on taking some pictures before performing the surgery, placing the marking lines and discussing the expected results before the surgery.

What are the medications that must be stopped before surgery?

At Excellage Clinic, we recommend stopping some medications that affect surgery, such as aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements, in addition to stopping smoking and alcohol.

What are the most important risks or complications of body contouring?

Like any surgical procedure, body sculpting involves potential medical risks that may occur, and the complications that occur in particular include possible asymmetry, some bleeding or blood clots in certain areas, injury to muscles, blood vessels or nerves, or some complications of general anesthesia Like nausea and vomiting.

What is the recovery period after body contouring?

Recovery from surgical options may take from weeks to months, depending on the amount of work done and the size of the incisions.

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