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HD Liposuction

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High-Definition Liposuction

Obesity has many different treatment options, some of which start with improving the lifestyle by following diets and exercising continuously to obtain the required weight, and others resort to cosmetic clinics and surgical or non-surgical options to treat obesity.


It is one of the modern cosmetic methods that works to get rid of some fat, even stubborn ones, in a more professional and accurate way, as it helps in liposuction using lasers supported by ultrasound, which can penetrate the deep layers of fat and work to dismantle it, which ensures obtaining greater and more accurate results for the desired final shape.

How is HD liposuction different from the traditional type?

High-precision liposuction differs from traditional liposuction according to the depth of fat that can be reached, as the laser device supported by ultrasound allows access to deep fat layers, which helps to get rid of stubborn fat, especially in the buttocks and others.

Where the ultrasound works to melt the fat, even after the procedure, the ultrasound guides the surgeon to target the exact areas of excess fat, and the result is a sculpted body and results that you cannot get from the gym alone.

Candidates for high-definition liposuction
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HD liposuction is undoubtedly suitable for all the same types of people who are candidates for traditional liposuction, where your ideal weight must be at or close to it, even HD liposuction cannot make an obese person thin, but it helps those people who suffer from stubborn fat in certain areas of the body.

Other procedures with high-definition liposuction
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Commonly, many people undergo a number of procedures in addition to high-resolution liposuction. Surgeons and plastic surgeons work to transfer fat from the thighs, for example, and transfer it to the buttocks, which gives it some volume, and to obtain the desired shape.


What type of anesthesia is used in high-definition liposuction?

HD fat transfer is performed under general anesthesia, i.e., this procedure must be performed in a specialized medical facility, as general anesthesia requires mandatory anesthesia precautions.

What is the recovery period required after high-definition liposuction?

High-definition fat transfer requires a recovery period of two to four weeks, and the person can return to light physical activity with exercise as soon as four weeks have passed after this procedure.

Does high-definition liposuction have permanent results?

The results of high-resolution liposuction depend on the person maintaining a stable weight, but in the event of significant weight gain, the results may differ and be affected by the accumulation of fat in a new way.

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