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Glowing skin Drips

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You must have heard that healthy and glowing skin is based on healthy body and healthy balanced nutrition rich in vitamins and antioxidants. so, we at Excellage Clinic offer this treatment that relies on intravenous solutions rich in vitamins necessary for skin glow.

Glowing skin is a reflection of a healthy body, and since most people do not get enough of the vitamins necessary for skin radiance, we at the Excellage Clinic offer intravenous solutions with high levels of vitamins that the skin needs in particular and the body in general, and it is a treatment that most celebrities have obtained around the world for its prevalence.

How long is it expected to get results?

Some people may notice changes within a few hours, but it often starts to notice the difference within 24 hours of the injection, and this is of course one of the best and fastest times to get brighter and younger looking skin, and this is what we aspire to at Excellage Clinic.

Are these intravenous solutions safe?

These intravenous solutions that we offer at the Excellage Clinic are among the safest procedures that we perform, as only vitamins and minerals are added to the body, which is exactly what the body needs in general, and the skin in particular.

What are the substances in these solutions?

It contains ingredients such as salicylic acid, vitamin E and C, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid, and since these substances not only give freshness to the skin, but also help exfoliate the skin and thus obtain internal skin peeling without exposure to acids or lasers, and others.

Can I get this therapy at home?

It is preferable that these solutions be given after consulting a specialist dermatologist, and that it be done within a clinic or a specialized center.

Find Balance, Find Wellness

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