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Ear pinning

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Ear pinning

Ear pinning is a type of otoplasty, in which imbalance, asymmetry, and symmetry in the shape of the ear are corrected. This process is considered a non-widespread plastic surgery because it addresses a relatively rare problem, but it is annoying to many people.

It is the surgical operation that is performed on the outer ear, as it corrects the shape of the ears and reduces the appearance of the ears around the face, and helps the ear to approach the surface of the head, which gives a more beautiful appearance, as this type of operation is performed under general anesthesia in addition to the need for the most skilled surgeon in Excellage Clinic.

Other operations that correct the shape of the ear

External ear surgeries can include a large number of procedures that seek to correct the shape of the ear, as we at the Excellage Clinic perform a number of them, including

  • Surgical procedures that work to rebuild the ear tissues that are not created.
  • Reducing the size of large ears.
  • Reshaping deformed or damaged ears.

The surgery is most common in children and teens, but some adults also choose to have the procedure for cosmetic needs and to increase body confidence.

Stages of the ear pinning process

The surgeon at the Excellage Clinic performs the number of steps during the surgical operation:

  • Make one or more incisions in the back of the ear. (Sometimes, they make an incision in the front of the ear.)
  • The surgeon uses incisions to weaken or remove the skin or cartilage that causes the ear to protrude.
  • Reposition the ear to the desired location.
  • Sew the ear in place with permanent sutures (stitches).
  • Repeat the process on the other side, even if only one ear is protruding, the procedure includes both ears, and this helps to make them symmetrical.
  • A sterile dressing and compression bandage are placed over the incisions. The dressings protect the incisions as they heal and keep your ears in the desired position while they heal.
Recommendations before performing ear pinning

At Excellage Clinic, we perform a number of procedures and make a number of recommendations before undertaking any plastic surgery procedure, including:

  • Perform a physical examination or blood tests to ensure that the patient is healthy enough to undergo surgery.
  • Stop smoking if possible.
  • Stop taking certain medications (blood thinners, such as aspirin).


What are the advantages of ear pinning?
  • Pinning the ear can create a more natural, symmetrical and balanced look
  • Helps improve cosmetic benefits, increase self-confidence and psychological well-being.
  • Scars are small and hidden, usually behind your ears.
What are the risks or complications of ear pinning?

Ear pinning is generally safe. But as with any surgical procedure, there are risks of complications, including:

  • An allergic reaction to materials used during surgery or recovery.
  • Bleeding or blood clots.
  • Changes in the look or feel of the skin (eg, bumps, discoloration, scarring, or a little numbness).
  • Infection of surgical wounds.
  • the pain.
  • Unsatisfactory results, such as non-opposing ears, which may require follow-up surgery.
What is the recovery period after ear pinning?

You may feel bloated, itchy or numb for a few days or weeks, and these symptoms usually go away with time.

Ear fixation pads are usually kept for a week. After that, you’ll be able to gently wash your face, ears, and hair. Surgeons at the Excellage Clinic also recommend applying an anti-inflammatory ointment to avoid wound infection.

Ear pinning

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Ear pinning

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