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DMK Enzymes treatment

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Technical and cosmetic advances are clearly increasing. Under this development, the concept of enzymatic skin treatment appeared, which stimulates dormant enzymatic activity within the skin, which in turn restores the skin’s ability to regenerate, correct, and stimulate the production of elements necessary for skin health.

DMK is an enzyme corrective treatment for the skin, as there is a belief that the problems in the skin are based on lethargy in the enzymatic activity and a conflict in the vital processes within the skin, and this is what makes this treatment effective in stimulating the enzymatic activity within the skin to obtain a bright, and restores the skin’s vitality.

Benefits of DMK enzymatic skin treatment

At Excellage Clinic, we work to explain enzymatic treatment to all patients, as it is one of the modern treatments, and we also work to clarify the benefits of treatment, including:

  • Detoxing the skin and removing impurities, even deep ones
  • Revitalizing the skin and facial muscles, which gives a lift to the skin
  • Activation of enzymatic activity stimulates enhanced blood flow to the skin and its nourishment
  • Increases skin softness and radiance, giving it a youthful appearance
  • Reduces scars and improves their appearance
  • Helps support other skin treatments being applied and enhances expected results
Enzymatic skin treatment session

At Excellage Clinic, you will get an integrated session of enzymatic skin treatment, where you will feel some harshness or stiffness in the skin of your face, and this feeling is natural, as the enzymes begin to act as messengers inside the cells and impair the enzymatic activities inside cells, thus enhancing the removal of impurities from the cells and enhancing blood flow.

What is the expected duration of an enzymatic treatment session?

An enzymatic skin treatment session may take about an hour, and it varies according to the problem being treated, the expected results, and the expected results. However, in the Excellage Clinic, the session takes the equivalent of 45 minutes, in which the enzymatic substances are placed on the face, and relaxation!!

Does enzymatic treatment make skin ten years younger?!

Enzymatic Therapy Doesn’t Work Like Magic!! Of course not, but it helps your skin to obtain internal activities that help cells restore their vitality and previous activity, and increase their blood flow and nourishment, and thus the skin regains its original previous vitality, but not more than normal!

How many sessions do we apply to get the expected results?

The number of sessions required is often determined according to the basic condition of the skin, and the expected results, as the goal of obtaining radiance of the skin is different from the goal of getting rid of deep scars, but in the average person needs about 3 sessions at least.

What are the medical conditions for which enzymatic therapy is used?

Enzymatic therapy is used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes for some diseases including acne, signs of aging, weak or hypersensitive skin, sun damage, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea, by retraining the skin to perform in an optimal way.

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