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No one disagrees on the importance of daily skin cleansing Facial and the daily routine followed for any skin, as it is linked to the shape or appearance of the skin, its freshness and even the appearance of future wrinkles, as deep cleansing of the skin enhances blood circulation and improves lymphatic circulation in the face, which nourishes the skin better.

As for deep cleansing of the skin, it is a form of skin cleansing, but it is not done at home, but rather it is done by specialists in the skin and cosmetology. It works to reach the deep layers of the skin, as it works to enhance blood circulation, exfoliate the surface layer of the skin, and also works to clean the pores. skin from the accumulation of dirt and pollutants.

Benefits of deep skin cleansing

  • The skin gets a deep cleansing facial and stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation in the skin
  • Peeling the surface layer and getting rid of the accumulated pollutants
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Helps relax and calm, stimulates self-care and relieves stress
  • Promote the freshness and health of the skin
  • Steaming the face and reaching the depth of the skin and pores, which cannot be reached in normal conditions
  • Getting rid of the accumulation of pollutants inside the pores that turn into acne
  • Deep skin hydration that lasts for weeks

Stages of deep skin cleansing session

We work at the Excellage Clinic in deep skin cleansing Facial using the best and latest technologies, as the stages of deep skin cleansing include:

  • Peeling of the skin and the superficial layer
  • Remove make-up and any accumulated traces of it
  • Sterilization and cleansing of the facial skin
  • Steaming the skin and opening the pores
  • Deep pore cleansing and extraction of all accumulated comedones
  • Applying different serums
  • Moisturizing the skin with a number of layers
  • Applying sunscreen
Is deep skin cleansing suitable for oily skin?

Deep skin peeling is suitable for different skin types, as oily skin may need more deep cleansing than other skin types, due to the possibility of accumulating more oils secreted by the skin within the enlarged pores, and a greater predisposition to the formation of pimples.

How long is a deep skin cleaning session?

The timing of the session may vary from one center to another and according to the number of stages in which the cleaning takes place, and the total types of masks and serums used, as it takes in the Excellage Clinic the equivalent of 60 minutes, which may increase according to the needs of the skin.

How often should deep skin cleansing be repeated?

There is no specific limit to the number of skin cleansing sessions, as it is subject to personal preference, but we recommend getting a deep skin cleaning session and moisturizing the skin at least once a month, because of its great benefits for the skin, in the short and long term.

Is a deep skin cleansing session painful?

Many people who have tried a deep cleansing session at the Excellage Clinic said that they felt more relaxed, and their skin was moisturized and refreshed.

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