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Body Skin Peeling

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Today, one of the therapeutic and cosmetic procedures that target not only the face but also the body is body peeling. Skin peeling was introduced by dermatologists and cosmetologists to get rid of skin stretch marks, sun-induced skin pigmentation, and keratoderma.

By peeling the skin, it is possible to peel the various organs of the body according to the problem that is being solved, where you can peel the hands, legs, arms, chest or back, as through this it is possible to get rid of solar pigmentation, and renew the appearance of the skin and become smoother, in addition to helping to improve the appearance of skin stretch marks, stimulating the skin to regenerate.

Benefits of body peeling

  • Getting rid of acne scars on the chest and back
  • Reduces pigmentation, and helps improve hyperpigmentation, especially in sun-exposed area
  • Relieves keratosis pilaris, a condition that many people, especially women, suffer from
  • Helps achieve smoother, lighter and more shiny skin
  • Helps to deliver serums and nutrients directly to the deep layers of the skin.
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Mechanism of action of skin peeling

Peeling works to dissolve the bonds in the cells in the superficial layer of the skin, which contributes to its disintegration and decomposition in the end, which allows the following layers to regenerate. to the sun.

Body peel ingredients

At Excellage Clinic we use acidic body exfoliants, such as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) to help break the bonds between dead skin cells in the surface layer of the skin, as the materials used in body exfoliation are similar to those used in face, but with different concentrations.

Is it appropriate to peel the body of patients with eczema?

In normal cases, peeling is not used to treat eczema, but in certain cases, the dermatologist may resort to peeling the superficial layer in areas suffering from eczema, thus ensuring that moisturizers and therapeutic drugs reach more of the deep and lower layers of the skin, which improves the results of treatment.

How many sessions does a person need?

The duration and number of sessions required for body peeling varies, according to the pathological condition and expected results. Most people may need 2 to 3 sessions, but hyperpigmentation may need 6 sessions with short time intervals.

What are the side effects of body peeling?

The skin of the body may not respond in the same way that the face responds to, as body peeling may cause skin irritation and redness, in addition to the concentrations may be higher than acid peels, which means that there is a higher possibility of burning the skin, so skin peeling must be done by a specialist.

What are the recommendations after peeling the body?
  • Apply sunscreen for the following weeks
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun for a week after the session
  • Avoid wearing cosmetics directly for a week
Body Skin Peeling

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