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Upper & lower Blepharoplasty

With age, the face and the skin in general lose the pillar that supports the eyes and eyelids, with the loss of collagen and elastin with age, wrinkles tend to appear more, and the eyelids appear more saggy, swollen, and downward, and this is what makes many people resort to eyelid surgery.

At Excellage Clinic, we work in Blepharoplasty to reduce sagging eyelids by cutting the excess parts of the skin of the eyelids and re-stitching the remaining parts to obtain skin tightening in that area and get rid of the accumulation of fat and fluids in the eyelids, which leads to sagging and drooping of the eyelid.

When is the Blepharoplasty resorted to?

At the Excellage Clinic, we provide permanent consultations for all patients about the available treatment options, where the option of surgery is appropriate in the case of:

  • Getting rid of sagging upper or lower eyelids
  • Sagging is severe and obstructs the visual field
  • fatty or lacrimal retention bags under the eye

The surgeon can raise or tighten the eyebrow with eyelid surgery to get greater results, depending on the patient’s desire and expected results.

Risks of Blepharoplasty

Most surgeries have possibility of complications, which we at the Excellage Clinic point out, as they are considered few and rare when the surgeries are performed under the hands of an experienced specialist, including:

  • Infection and bleeding
  • Dry, irritated or red eyes
  • Difficulty closing the eyes or other eyelid problems
  • Marked scarring that emergence of satisfactory results
  • Injury to the eye muscles
  • Change in skin color
  • Temporary blurred vision or, rarely, loss of vision
  • The need for follow-up surgery, or the need for other corrective supportive surgery


What are the procedures before eyelid surgery?
  • A complete eye exam. This may include a tear test and measurement of parts of the eyelids.
  • Visual field test. to find out the presence of blind spots in the corners of the eye, and to check the health of the peripheral vision of the eye.
  • Eyelid imaging. Pictures from different angles help plan the surgery and document whether there is a medical reason for it, which may support an insurance claim.
What are the medications that must be stopped before Blepharoplasty?

Stop taking warfarin, aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, naproxen, and other medications or herbal supplements that can increase bleeding.

Quit smoking several weeks before surgery, as smoking can reduce the ability to heal after surgery.

What are the most important recommendations after surgery?

Using ice bags on the eye for 10 minutes can help reduce swelling the day after surgery. It is also important to use eye drops prescribed by the doctor and skin ointments. Some doctors may recommend sleeping with the head elevated for a few days, and do not forget to wear sunglasses and avoid Exposure to strong sunlight and wind.

What are the important symptoms to see a doctor immediately?
  • shortness of breath
  • Source
  • Unusual heart rate or feeling of palpitations
  • New and severe eye pain
  • Bleeding
  • Vision problems


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