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The procedures often help to improve the skin of the face and hands, but few are the procedures for caring for the skin of the back, which may suffer from a number of skin problems such as the appearance of acne and the skin scars that it causes, which requires special care for the skin of the back.

At Excellage Clinic, we offer back skin care, where we work to identify skin problems that the back suffers from, and doctors work there to provide appropriate treatments such as carbon laser peeling or scar treatment according to youth and other possible procedures.

Some possible back skin care procedures

At Excellage Clinic, we offer a number of procedures that help take care of the skin of the back and provide specialized dermatological care for the skin of the back, including:

  • steam/disinfection

Steam cleaning helps soften the skin, as it removes oils, dirt, and dead cell remnants from the surface of the skin and helps open the pores of the skin.

  • Cosmetic skin analysis

The esthetician at Excellage Clinic will analyze your skin to determine your skin type and condition and suggest the best back treatment plan.

  • Specialist peel-off mask

A number of different types of peeling can be offered with different depths, as peeling plays an important role in the process of skin renewal.

  • extraction

The extraction processes include cleaning the skin pores and getting rid of the dirt stuck in the skin pores, especially the deep ones.

  • Specialist treatment mask

A treatment mask helps treat a variety of skin concerns and can help skin appear more radiant and even-toned.

  • the final level

This includes applying a treatment serum and moisturizer to keep the skin complexion protected from all external factors.

What are the skin problems that are eliminated by treating back skin?
  • Acne Treatment
  • Treatment of skin bumps and pimples
  • Get rid of the effects of acne
  • Get a brighter complexion
  • Dry skin complexion
  • It can help you relax
What should I expect after back surgery?

After a back treatment, you may experience some mild redness or irritation, similar to a facial, depending on the strength of the ingredients used to help your unique skin type.

How many sessions does a person need from a back care session?

Mostly a person needs one session per month, but some people may need to treat some skin problems, so the number of sessions differs according to the patient’s need individually, and the doctors at Excellage Clinic depend on determining the number of sessions based on each case and its need.

Can a back massage be done with this procedure?

Yes, of course, it is possible to get a back massage after doing a back care session, which helps to obtain radiant skin in addition to obtaining relaxation for the back and the body in general and getting rid of muscle cramps in addition to taking care of the skin.

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