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Botox® injection
Botox® injection
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Botox® injection has been widely used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes, and it is the method that helps to hide wrinkles and relieve spasms, as unlike other cosmetic procedures that target the skin, Botox® targets the muscles, as we are at the Excellage Clinic.
Excellage Clinic We use Botox® to get rid of wrinkles and a number of other neuromuscular diseases.
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It is a substance derived from the toxins of some bacteria, which paralyzes the muscles, and here is derived from this preparation, which is widely used to temporarily prevent muscle movement, which allows the skin to stretch over the injected area and gives a more youthful look, and it also helps to get rid of many diseases such as , hyperhidrosis, nervous bladder, lazy eye, and others.
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Treatment Details

Health conditions in which Botox® is used

  • Relieve neck spasms and get rid of the pain associated with them
  • Getting rid of the tremor that affects the eye
  • Getting rid of eye laxity or what is called (lazy eye).
  • Get rid of excessive sweating
  • Helps relieve migraine tension
  • Relieves incontinence caused by an overactive bladder (nervous bladder)

Botox® injection side effects

  • Drooping eyelids or eyebrow twisting
  • Pain or swelling at the injection site
  • Infection in the right place
  • Mouth twisting or drooling

We work at the Excellage Clinic to take a full medical history, and it is also advised not to take Botox® injection treatment for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and it is also advised to stop blood thinners.

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Here are some questions and answers that will help you know

Botox® for the upper part of the face

Frown line Botox® (Winkle line between the eyebrows)

At Excellage Clinic, we are working on Botox® injections in the Winkle line between the eyebrows to get rid of the vertical wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows when frowning and get rid of the outlines that you draw. Filler may be injected sometimes to get perfect results in this commonly injected area.


Botox® forehead lines (forehead wrinkles)

Accidental forehead wrinkles lines or “sudden lines” become more visible with the passage of time, and injections can be started in the late twenties and early thirties as a preventive treatment, before they become more visible, while the appearance of these wrinkles is related to heredity and age, but other factors such as smoking and exposure Excessive exposure to the sun makes it appear larger and deeper.


Botox® in the upper part of the nose (rabbit lines) is annoying and obvious to many people, so many people resort to Botox® treatment in this area, to get rid of these lines and wrinkles, but the injection must be done in a precise place, otherwise it will give opposite results, so At Excellage Clinic, we seek professional specialists to provide this treatment.

Botox® for the lower part of the face

Botox® injections around the mouth (lipstick lines)

Botox® reduces wrinkles around the mouth, or it is called (lipstick lines), which become better with age, and it is a problem that appears with age, but factors such as smoking, alcohol, and excessive exposure to the sun may increase their appearance and depth. Filler may be used in addition To Botox® which means better results.


Botox® for lipstick lines

Fine lines around the mouth or “lipstick lines” become more noticeable with age and are another problem of aging. Most cosmetic practitioners recommend treating them with dermal fillers instead of Botox®.

Botox® injections to get rid of neck wrinkles “Nefertiti lift”

We often notice the presence of three lines that quickly increase in clarity with age, and we work at the Excellage Clinic by recommending Botox® injections in the neck to get rid of these lines and tighten the skin of the neck, thus giving the skin in that area a more youthful and vibrant appearance.


What are the side effects of Botox® on the skin?

May lead to weakening of collagen in the skin, and fatigue of facial muscles.


How long does the Botox® effect last?

The effect of Botox® begins after 3 to 4 days, and it lasts for about 4 to 5 months.


Is Botox® injection painful?

Botox® injections are extremely painless, and we use fine needles at the Excellage Clinic, and the area can be locally anesthetized, or the skin can be cooled to relieve some of the associated pain.

Eye Botox®

Raising the eyebrows and opening the corner of the eye

One of the advanced uses in which Botox® is injected is to work on raising the eyebrows without resorting to surgery and opening the corner of the eye, as this technique is also called a Botox® facelift, and we at Excellage Clinic seek to obtain guaranteed results through precise injections by the most skilled doctors.


Botox® injections around the eyes

The appearance of fine lines, or “crow’s feet” in the outer corners of the eyes, is often associated with many people laughing and becomes more visible without laughter, which is evidence of skin aging, and then Botox® is very effective to get rid of these lines and reduce their appearance effectively, it also reduces droopy upper eyelids.

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